Company Profile


Iron Forest Building Co. is a company of carpenters, builders, and craftsman who simplify and demystify the building/ construction experience for clients in an efficient and enjoyable manner.

These mountains are our home and building beautiful homes is our passion.  Whether you are building a primary residence, or a vacation home in the Rocky Mountains, there are countless details, design decisions, and processes to go through to get there. Let us help carry that burden for you.

Regardless of where you are in your home planning, we would love to help you get through the process as efficiently and as painlessly as possible. No matter the size, scope, or budget, we can help you turn two-dimensional sketches into a high quality, detailed and timeless reality.

What to Expect When You Partner with Iron Forest Building Company...

Honesty and Integrity

Complete honesty and integrity throughout the process, open lines of communication, and a dedicated commitment to every aspect of your building experience.

Precise construction

We are not merely a clever marketing team or a group of high-level executives who have never swung a hammer. From the first scoop of dirt to the last trim nail, everyone in our company knows the construction process from design conception to the welcome mat.

The Contractor

Although we are a 'general' contractor, nothing about our experience is simply 'general.' We would be better described as a 'down to the last detail' contractor. We know what we are doing, we have the tools to accomplish it, and we love the process.